Main Stage Performers

Check out our line up of performers for this years LDS Family Fest!

T.C. Christensen & Guests

A Passion for Film Making

T.C. has a true gift.  He can take a story and turn it into a work of art through film.  A lifelong pursuit of bringing faith together with history.  T.C Christensen is an artist! Some of his best-known films are; 17 Miracles, Love Kennedy, Ephraim’s Rescue & Cokeville Miracle. 

T.C. and some of his Cast members will be a highlight of our main stage for sure.

Friday @ 7:00pm

Voice Male

A Cappella – Awesomeness

Entertaining, Fun and Quirky…  But that’s not all…  Voice Male is 23+ years of Stunning Harmonic Blending that is literally beyond description.  

Voice Male is absolutely one of Utah’s Favorite Performing Groups, and we are thrilled to have them joining us.

Saturday @ 7:00pm

Ganel-Lyn Condie

Inspirational Powerhouse

Loaded with Beauty, Grace and all around Goodness…  Ganel-Lyn Condie is Phenomenal!  With a natural gift of powerful communication, she always delivers inspiration to all who hear her.  Her Messages find a way to reach deep into your soul…  Fabulous Inside and Out…

Saturday @ 5:00pm

Mercy River

What Matters Most

This charming trio of fun loving friends share their faith through their angelic voices.  Mercy River’s Deeply Personal message is strong and bold! It encourages their listeners to stand for truth, righteousness and “What Matters Most”. What a Fabulous addition to our Line Up…

Friday @ 5:00pm


Exhilarating and Refreshing!

If you haven’t seen SPARK on stage, prepare yourself for excitement.  Upbeat, Dance tunes that are inspirational and heartfelt.  SPARK will be kicking off our event on Friday Morning, and we can’t think of a better way to get the fun started.  Be sure to be one of the first to arrive and Prepare to be Elated!

Friday @ 6:00pm

Joshua Creek

Down Home Goodness

Joshua Creek is very well known for their Country, Back Yard, Porch Swing, Campfire type of sound.  Their original songs seamlessly blend Faith, Family and Wholesome Goodness, into Cozy and Inspirational melodies.  Their Gifted and Entertaining Talents will be a warm and satisfying welcome to our exciting event Line Up…

Saturday @ 4:00pm

Madilyn Paige

Stunning Inside & Out

You know this talented angel…  A former contestant on season 6 of NBC’s The Voice.  Madilyn Wowed the Judges, as well as the massive throngs of fans that were glued to their TV’s. Cheering her on.  Madilyn has a raw power overflowing with emotion when she sings.  

What a Real Treat for us to have her joining us on stage.  Plan ahead, seating is limited. 

Saturday @ 2:00pm

Stephanie Boyd

The Voice of an Angel

If you haven’t heard Stephanie Boyd yet, you are seriously missing out Big Time!  Her voice is dynamic and exhilarating. She will be sharing her Inspiring Gift On Stage, and once you hear her, you will be hooked.  Make sure you catch her performance and prepare yourself to be captivated.

Friday @ 3:00pm

Beauty Redefined

(The Kite Sisters)

Identical Twins on a Mission! Redefining how we look at ourselves. Sharing their vital message that we are so much more than just bodies. We as individuals self-define ourselves by our looks.  Tragically, most of the time we are not kind to ourselves at all. Beauty Redefined is helping thousands to crush these lies that society teaches us. To discover that we are more than a body. Don’t miss them on stage.

Friday @ 2:00pm

Anthony Sweat

Fun, Faith and Insight

 Anthony Sweat is an Assistant Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University. He is the author of several wonderful books about Faith and LDS Living…  He and his wife, Cindy, are the parents of seven children.  

Anthony is such a fun and energetic speaker; you will definitely want to hear him on stage.

Friday @ 12:00pm

Evie Clair

Young and Talented

Evie Clair was a Top Ten Finalist on America’s Got Talent, and touched many hearts across the world as she dedicated performances to her sick father. The world connected with her and the judges raved over her tone, control, pitch, style, expression, the beauty of her voice and her impressive arranging skills with the piano.

Friday @ 4:00pm

The Piano Gal

Talent Explosion!

Sara Arkell, THE PIANO GAL is one of the most talented and award-winning pianists, in the State.  With over 100 Million Views on YouTube, she is quickly growing into a Video Sensation. Watching her perform will be a highlight of the event and one that you do not want to miss.

Saturday @ 1:00pm

One Voice Children’s Choir

Enrich, Enlift, Inspire

We are so excited to announce that the Fabulously talented One Voice Children’s Choir will be joining us for the LDS Family Fest. Watch for details coming soon.

Friday @ 11:00am



Charming and Graceful, you will be captivated by this charismatic Trio of Sisters.  Firefly encompasses beautiful harmonies mixed with fabulous instrumental talents to escort you directly to your happy place.   These three are absolutely delightful!  You are in for a real treat. So ensure you grab your tickets now and your seats early.

Saturday @ 10:00am

Amberley Snyder

Inspiration and Determination.

Wrap that up with unimaginable Strength and Motivation and you can get a hint of what Makes Amberley Snyder so Incredibly Fascinating.  We are thrilled to have this wheelchair bound Rodeo Champion sharing her story of Never Giving Up.  Whatever you do, you need to be in the audience when she speaks at this fun event.

Saturday @ 11:00am

Maddie Wilson


Maddie Wilson is a Superstar! She has shared the stage with some of the best.  She is an extremely talented singer, songwriter and chart-topping, YouTube sensation.  

Maddie has a unique and powerful style that draws you in.  Her country flair is uplifting, fresh, and has a small town, yet an urban feel to it.  Maddie combines it all with simple perfection.  Certainly, she is one to see!

Friday @ 1:00pm

The Bonner Family

 Voices in Unison

The Bonner Family is So Much Fun! Fabulous Vocalists and a pure joy to watch.  The family has always enjoyed singing together.  And although they never had much, they had their faith in God, their family friendships, their memories and their music. 

What a blessed treat to have them joining us for this event!

Saturday @ 6:00pm

Tim Ballard

The Abolitionist

We are so excited to announce that the Tim Ballard – The Founder of Operation Underground Railroad will be joining us for the LDS Family Fest.

Our Exciting new TRAK Challenge is Partnering with Tim & O.U.R. to help rescue children from the evil and ugly world of human trafficking.

Friday @ 9:30am

Rod Meldrum

Book of Mormon Evidence

Rod is one of the most influential people in helping to bring the evidence of the Book of Mormon to life.  Rod Meldrum is a powerful speaker that will entertain you as well as make your mind explode with exciting thoughts.  Have you ever wondered where events took place? or the Journeys taken? Rod is sure to be a favorite at this event.

Saturday @ 3:00pm


Talented Young Performer

This young talent will bring a huge smile to your face. Maisy loves to sing. She is always ready to have fun as she shares her talents with the world.  With a powerful voice as well as other musical gifts, she is amazing! She brings absolute joy to your soul. Do not miss her on stage performing with The Piano Gal.

Satuday @ 1:00pm

Barbara Doyle

Giving Her All

Barbara is blessed with such a sweet and inspirational voice.  She is remarkably impressive at sharing her beautiful testimony through her harmonic words.  Please do what you can to be in attendance when this fun and spunky artist takes the stage.  She will make your heart and soul soar with happiness.

Saturday @ 12:00pm

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