Break Out

Check out our line up of performers for this years LDS Family Fest!

Beuna Tomalino

Garden Inspire

Edible Landscaping is about growing food in all parts of your property in addition to ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and vining plants. Your yard, patio, or deck can be beautiful and help feed you and your family. Beuna is a garden coach and author who also holds wild edible plant walks.

Friday @ 6:00pm
Saturday @ 1:00pm

Rachele Morgan

Overcoming Trials

Through the loss of two handicapped children, this inspirational couple touches hearts through faith and courage. Their example and perspective bring strength and hope while discovering how one can find miracles in their trials

Friday @ 4:00pm
Saturday @ 12:00pm

Al Rounds

Renowned LDS Artist

In a quick 45-minute intimate classroom setting, Famous LDS watercolor Artist Al Rounds will wow the attendees.  As Al works through a watercolor painting from start to finish, showing how similar each person’s life is to a painting.  He compares the small and large brushstrokes to decisions in our lives and relates the process to gospel principles of work, repentance, and growth.   As Al paints, he shares inspirational stories about his personal life as an artist and teaches about the unique aspects of watercolors as an art form.  This is one class that you will want to be a part of.

Friday @ 3:00pm
Saturday @ 11:00am

Wendy Santiano

Five Joys

Just over ten years ago, during a difficult bout of depression and anxiety, Wendy Santiano found herself searching for what brought her joy. Her quest not only helped her identify what brought her joy, personally, but she also discovered many truths about the purpose of joy.

She is passionate about helping others understand how to discover joy and cultivate joy in their lives so that they can live a more balanced and fulfilled life. She teaches her simple, yet profound, approach to discovering more joy in life called, Five Joys.

She is a mother of six, married to a super-talented cinematographer and currently lives in West Jordan, Utah. She is passionate about creativity and education, loves to write, play the ukulele, shine her light, and help others to shine their light, too!

Friday @ 1:00pm
Saturday @ 6:00pm

Richard Brunson


Richard is the author of a book called Before the Second Coming. Stay tuned for more information.

Friday @ 2:00pm
Saturday @ 5:00pm

Laura de Silva

Are You Listening? How About Now?

Laura da Silva is a Mental Health Counselor and Presenter. She studied Psychology at Utah State University and went on for her Master’s degree at the University of Phoenix. She owns a private mental health practice, Lighthouse Counseling Services, in Riverton, Utah. She is also the director of Awakenings Family Therapy Retreat where families come and strengthen their family relationships. She currently serves on the board of the Utah Chapter of the Association of Play Therapy. She has written 3 articles, 3 children self-help books and recorded 2 audio CDs.
Do you ever feel like you and your loved one have a block between you that keeps your from fully communicating? Do you wonder if they are even listening to you? Are you ready to take your communication to a higher level?  In “Are you Listening? How About Now?” you will learn about the barriers that stand between people as they communicate and how to get past them and have more effective communication. Communication is expressed 40% through words and 60% through body language. This class will help you learn how to enhance your ability to speak and listen to verbal and nonverbal cues effectively. Communication is an important part of uniting, strengthening and connecting families. Let’s take your family to a higher level of communication!

Friday @ 4:00pm
Saturday @ 4:00pm

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